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Claustrophobia is an idea for a unique home haunt. The plans, most of the props, sound and lighting have been acquired. We are looking forward to opening to the public for one night only. Halloween... Sunday, October the 31st, 2021. A lot needs to happen between now and then with the remainder of the maze materials being purchased and construction beginning sometime shortly after the 4th of July. "Why so early" you ask? well, there is quite a bit that will go into the construction a decorating of the sets however, the real challenge is the two fairly unique attributes that will be applied to the walk through. First off, the entire haunt is being built to store away during the remainder of the year. Storage is always a home haunters struggle and we believe to have remedied this issue with some creative haunt panels. The second part of this is getting a very respectable length of a walk through by mainly sticking to the name and keeping the halls claustrophobic in nature, saving room and using every inch of floor space for the guest. This means there will be no room for actors. HUUU? The walk through will be based around psychological effects to make this, as we like to call it, our sensory haunt. Most of the haunt will be cramped, dark, hot, cold in spots, smelly, loud, defining silence and just enough light to freak you the @#$% out. Self guided, greeted only at the entrance and exit is sure to best even the hardiest of haunt goers. The Que line will have a loading area for everyone. The "TOT's" will be directed to a friendlier more "Disney" like scare area and a candy bounty. Those brave enough will start their adventure down a dark corridor that we will be unable to guarantee safety OR sanity. 
Please stay tuned as we hope to have status updates throughout the year.
We will see you all in October 2021!
Unfortunately, due to the Zombies and their spreading of the Rona plague, we will not be doing a haunt this year. It is most disappointing as this year lands on a Sunday & we were going to do a Saturday / Sunday event. We will see you all next year on Monday, October 31st. 2022! 

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